Commercial Services

Commercial Improvement Services

Can an office be collaborative and highly productive, yet still feel warm and welcoming?

What type of experience makes shopping joyful and motivates buying?

How can we best maximize our land, so we have plenty of parking for our customers and plenty of green space?

These are just a few of the thousands of questions Momentum has thought through on behalf of our commercial construction clients for a successful outcome for their strategic business goals.

No matter the challenge, working together, Momentum will turn your vision into a reality.

This attention to quality in commercial construction is matched only by our focus on safety. We obsess over safety because, simply put, It’s the right thing to do.

It also means fewer delays and a job site where we are free to bring our best ideas to the table, day in and day out.


Momentum offers many Commercial Improvement Services:

*HVAC Services
*Plumbing Services
*Electrical Services
*Deck installation/Repair (Pine, Composite, Trex, Pensa)
*Fence installation/Repair (Chain link, wood, vinyl)
*Brick/Stone wall installation/Repair (interior/exterior)
*Landscaping Services
*Flooring installation/repair (hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl)
*Painting (Exterior/Interior)
*Power Washing – Siding, Fences, etc.
*Drywall Repairs/Replacement
*Sidewalk/Driveway Repairs

*Aluminum Glass

*Aluminum Doors


*And much, much more…

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